Who we are

Our mission

To inspire and equip leaders to be healthy and effective in their leadership to build thriving communities.

Our values

Relational We live in community but we respect the journey of each person, recognizing experience brings a unique perspective. We embrace diversity of thought as the foundation for innovation.

Physical We embrace our limits, planning for times of rest, building in margins, setting up healthy boundaries and encouraging playfulness in our work.

Intellectual We recognize that change is a constant and pursue agility, through a growth mindset and an ongoing willingness to learn. 

Emotional We live with integrity, authenticity and genuineness. We seek self awareness through both serving and leading.

Spiritual Our spiritual values are centred on Jesus Christ, everything we do flows from his spiritual guidance. We seek his leadership above our own.

Our history

By Ron Goddard

Having had the opportunity to participate in leadership & management courses and seminars, I have seen the positive impact it has had to my mindset and my team. I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn from other leaders, like I have. But I have also come to realize, none of us have it all figured out but we have each learned something that is worth sharing.

Sometimes we need to take a break, a breath, to get perspective and be challenged to be better and take hold of our vision. We each have an inner desire to be better for our companies, our teams, our families, and ourselves.

I dared myself to dream of what it would look like if each of the entrepreneurs, farmers, shopkeepers, managers, and leaders in our community could come together to learn how to be better versions of themselves.  If they knew how to inspire their employees and teams to be the best version of themselves.  What would that look like for our businesses, our communities, and our province?


Our team


Ron Goddard

Tracy Linkletter

Hendrik Visser

Ron Goddard is a Certified Professional Accountant with 15 years of management experience in various industries.  With a strong business acumen, he has a desire to see companies and individuals grow and succeed. As a continuous learner in leadership and management, he is passionate about developing others and releasing their potential.


Hendrik Visser

Tracy Linkletter

Hendrik Visser

Hendrik Visser is a physician, author and speaker who is a leader in the health sector both locally and internationally.  He desires individuals, organizations, and communities to reach their full potential by being physically, mentally, and relationally healthy.


Tracy Linkletter

Tracy Linkletter

Tracy Linkletter

Tracy Linkletter has lead in the business world, specifically in retail for 25 years, most recently she worked for Apple for 10 years.  In 2018, she transitioned to the non-profit field and is loving the new challenges.  She is passionate about leadership development and seeing people discover how to be their best version of themselves.


Ann Visser

Ann Visser

Ann Visser

Ann Visser is a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer at 4Better4Ever who has helped couples save their marriages and equipped women to lead at home, at work and in their communities. Her great passion is to help people who feel stuck to transform their lives so they can lead effectively.


Edna Reid

Ann Visser

Ann Visser

Edna Reid has been in the insurance industry for the past 38 years and is the owner/operator of Benefits Plus Inc.  She is passionate about leadership and volunteering to help our communities thrive.  Edna chairs the Easter Seals Campaign and has been a Rotarian for 20 years.  She has been a board member and fundraiser with Camp Gencheff for 20 years, serving 8 of those years as chair.

What to expect

focussed on forward leadership

We believe positive change is possible in our local organizations and communities when leaders step out and commit to being the best versions of themselves.

We will provide a space for leaders in our community to sit shoulder to shoulder with other leaders to practice vulnerability and authenticity. The simple practice of spending time with other leaders raises a leader’s bar and creates the inspiration to leave the world better than you found it. 

We believe in investing in leaders in PEI. We want to see a leadership revolution start here and impact the Maritimes, Canada and one day the world.

We will host leadership events that will provide excellent inspiration through teaching and learning based facilitation. We are committed to ensuring that attendees can take actionable objectives back to their workplaces. 

We believe that the relationships formed at our leadership events will be catalysts for positive change in our communities.

Events hosted at Centre 150, Summerside.

Events hosted at Centre 150, Summerside.

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